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J Van Sickle & Company - The Science of Advanced Analytics and Applied Solutions

J Van Sickle and Company (JVSCo) was started by Jason Van Sickle as a real estate consulting firm. It was founded based on Jason's math and statistics background and his desire to apply advanced analytics (e.g., IBM's SPSS Statistics software and Jason's own proprietary spreadsheet models) to real estate development. His goal was to create significant innovation within the antiquated real estate industry.

After a humble start as a one-person consulting firm in 2009, JVSCo grew rapidly. The first major expansion of the company was into real estate development. Using cutting edge innovations that Jason created in business modeling, deal structuring, and project planning, JVSCo's portfolio quickly grew to include hundreds of luxury apartment units (see News). Along the way, Jason began to meet leaders from rural communities who helped him realize that there was a bigger unmet need for quality housing in smaller cities. As a result, JVSCo took on the challenge of developing a rural rental housing model.

In 2013, Jason focused his company's resources on rural rental housing. He began by investing over a year and hundreds of thousands of dollars into creating a prototype for rural rental housing. During that process Jason realized that his model would only be successful if he could combine upfront design and development innovation with a world-class, backend management model. As a result, JVSCo started Multifamily Hospitality.


Once he had succeeded at creating a prototype for rural rental housing, Jason realized that he had a model that could be adapted in order to create nonprofit housing to help low-income families transition out of poverty. That effort lead to the creation of SperoHouse. Spero House is now a collaboration that involves hundreds of individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and university partners.